HOUSTON Through one practice, it s very obvious that Bill O Brien s coaching style is much different than the one Gary Kubiak offered up the past eight years.

He s louder, more demonstrative and much more openly critical.

Wide receiver Andre Johnson is a big fan.

I love it. It s great, Johnson said after practice on Saturday. I think it s something that was needed around this place. I m excited about it.

O Brien is the third head coach that Andre has played during his time with the Texans. Honesty is what the star receiver is looking for and he gets that from his new boss.

The one thing that I like about him and I think that s the thing when I first met him, he s straight up with you. He will let you know what needs to be heard, Johnson said. He s not just going to tell you what you want to hear. I love his demeanor, it s fun. I think just his whole attitude and everything he brings is a lot of fun.

Despite having missed the summer work-outs, Johnson and O Brien have spoken to one another on a regular basis. Those conversations will help as they progress through camp together now that Johnson is back with the team.

Andre and I had a lot of discussions during the time that he was away. We got to know each other, O Brien said Saturday. We talked a lot about the offense. I wouldn t say that we got so much into scheme, but we talked a lot about concepts. When a guy has played that many years in this league at such a high level, they get it.

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