SAN MARCOS, Texas -- After months of hoping DNA evidence would help track down the suspects, San Marcos police say results have come back inconclusive.

Now, the survivor of a kidnapping and sexual assault is asking for the public's help to find her three attackers. The woman, who asked to go by the alias Michelle, says every day since the attack has been a struggle.

I have my good days and my bad days, said Michelle. Sometimes just walking out the door brings back a lot of memories.

On Nov. 6, 2013, the young mother and her then 4-year-old son were driving during the day time through a San Marcos neighborhood when a pickup truck rear-ended them.

When she got out of the car to check on the damage, two men forced her into the backseat with her child and drove off, the third man following in the maroon GMC truck.

They took her and the child to an unknown location, where she was sexually assaulted, beaten and choked unconscious.

When she woke up, the men were gone. She was able to drive home, where police were alerted to the incident.

She says she's always wanted to serve other people, but the help she received from paramedics that day has since inspired to become an EMT.

To do something that was done for me when the paramedics showed up at the house, I want the same thing, just returned, said Michelle.

She has a long way to go, but she is working hard at her recovery. Emotionally, she says catching her attackers is key to her healing.

How they haven't been caught, that's my biggest fear. Seeing them again, said Michelle. If [the public] could please help me, if they know something, to have a change of heart, to do this for my child, for me, for my family.

Physically, there are still hurdles. She recognizes the possibility that she may never fully heal from the injuries she sustained in the attack. She's not cleared to drive. Even if she was, she says her husband is too concerned for her safety.

I don't have the sense of confidence of just 'get up and go' like I used to, said Michelle.

She is also having to relearn how to read and write.

Sometimes I just want to read a book to my son, and I can't, she said. It's difficult. I have to just make up a story. I'm not reading along, I'm making up a story for him.

Police say though DNA came back inconclusive, they are still waiting on trace evidence results.

The survivor was able to give police detailed descriptions of her attackers. Police ask you to get in touch if you think you might recognize one of these men.

  • Suspect #1: A Hispanic man called 'Dago' in his 40s with a thick build. He is believed to be about six feet tall. He has a shaved head and a small square patch of beard on his chin. He has tattoos of crosses on both forearms. The man was called Dago by the other two suspects, police say.
  • Suspect #2: A Hispanic man called 'Chico around 18-20 years old. He is about 5'5 with a thin build, closely cut hair and dark skin. He has a tattoo of an unknown word or name on his neck. He was called Chico by the other two suspects.
  • Suspect #3: A Hispanic man in his 30s with a medium build. He is about 5'5 to 5'7 . His hair is closely shaved on the sides with longer hair on top (Mohawk-like). He may have had an injury to his nose or a bruised eyebrow.

The men were traveling in an older model maroon GMC truck with peeling faded paint and a missing front license plate.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call San Marcos Police Criminal Investigations Unit at 512-753-2300 or Hays County Crimestoppers at 512-353-TIPS. Go here to leave an anonymous tip online.

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