HOUSTON -- A popular skateboard shop, Kingpinz, in west Houston was burglarized and a rare skateboard was stolen along with several other skateboards.

It happened a few weeks ago at the Westheimer store.

The skateboard business isn't a get rich business. We do this because we love it, said Jason, the owner.

The owner opened up shop over ten years ago for the love of skate boarding. Crooks threw a rock through the front door and ran out with several skateboards.

The first one has a rag or towel with two eye holes cut out, covering his face, said Detective Kevin Simper, with HPD burglary and theft.

One of the authentic skateboards are only found in specific stores across the country.

Happens to be a very unique long board. They're hand built in Denver. We pretty much preorder the boards two or three months in advance. It's a specific board for bombing hills, we sell them to people who go to Colorado or Austin, it's not anything you want to push around on a flat ground, said Jason.

Less than 24 hours later, the store owner said he saw the same crook cruise right by his shop with one of his skateboards. Jason decided to play detective.

I followed him up to Starbucks and walked to him and asked him how he got the board and if I can get a picture of it and my wife can get me one, said Jason.

Jason was helpless and couldn't do anything but snap a picture on his smart phone. He's hoping someone will see him and his buddy again and put him in jail.

I wanted to keep it as a reminder, he said. That board is so specific that it would be like if someone stole your Ferrari out of your garage and drove it around your house, said Jason.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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