HARRIS COUNTY, Texas -- A mother has a warning for parents everywhere after she says a man tried to lure her 3-year-old son away from her at a Walmart in northwest Harris County.

It happened Saturday at the store on Walters Road and FM 1960.

Rebecca said she removed her son Jordan from the shopping cart in the self checkout line. Her two other kids, ages 1 and 4, stayed with her, but Jordan began walking ahead.

The mother of three believes she could ve lost her child if she didn t notice the man out of the corner of her eye.

I thought at first maybe he s just playing or whatever, said Rebecca. When I seen them keep going and my son tagging along on the side that s when I realized, oh my God he s going to take off with my son.

Rebecca said she saw the man making a repeated gesture for Jordan to come with him and was also telling him come on.

That s when she began frantically screaming her son s name. She said the stranger made a quick escape into the parking lot and disappeared from her line of sight.

I m terrified. I keep looking at my son and thinking I could ve lost my son, and what would this man have been doing to him, she said.

Rebecca wants to believe that the whole thing was a misunderstanding. However, she says she is 100 percent sure of what she saw and claims others have validated what happened.

After I went and made the report and the cop tells me it was exactly what it was, and the Walmart lady told me she got the chills when she watched the video, explained Rebecca.

Harris County Sherriff s Office has not released the surveillance video from Walmart.

Rebecca hopes they will do so for the safety of other children.

That one second I put him down, that s how fast a predator saw me being distracted and was going to take my son, added Rebecca. It s scary, and it really brings it to reality.

Authorities said based on the report there s not much that can be done.

Rebecca said she d like investigators to find out more about the man, including if he has any history of this type of thing.

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