SAN ANTONIO -- The ride-sharing company, Lyft, is facing consequences for operating in San Antonio. Two drivers were cited and their cars impounded Tuesday night.

KENS 5 spoke with a Lyft driver who told us what happened to one of the drivers. He said the driver picked up a passenger and the individual asked to be dropped off on 9th street.

The location ended up being the address for Ground Transportation. He said several police officers were waiting at the location for the driver. The San Antonio Police Department told KENS 5 via e-mail, this was an undercover operation.

In March, police chief William McManus issued a 'cease and desist' order to Lyft.

The police department also, sent out letters to drivers. Chief McManus said Lyft drivers do not have the proper permits or other requirements like cab drivers under city ordinance.

Lyft spokeswoman, Katie Dasent us a statement in response:

We have received reports Lyft drivers were targeted for citation and impound in San Antonio. As always, we stand strong with drivers and passengers every step of the way, fighting any citations, covering relevant costs, and making policy progress. We're always committed to supporting the Lyft community, especially as we work through challenges at the city and state levels. We're also committed to working with the city to craft new rules for this new industry, as we're currently doing successfully in more than sixty cities across the country. We truly believe that if we approach situations like this positively and collaboratively, we can work together with local officials to greatly improve transportation access, safety and affordability.

The Houston City Council delayed their vote on the vehicle-for-hire apps, and in Austin the apps are illegally operating.

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