SAN ANTONIO -- A vision is coming together for a redesign of Alamo Plaza, a historic landmark in the heart of downtown San Antonio.

The Alamo Plaza Advisory Committee made up of 21 city-appointed individuals met with the Center City Development and Operations Department Monday. The committee said they are looking at the original goals laid out in the 1994 Alamo Plaza study.

The study delved into certain themes and the overall concept of what the historic landmark means for San Antonio. The committee said they are still looking at street improvements previously mentioned in the study.

We want to build on top of it. Look at that 1994 study and say, 'what did they get right? Is there anything that they got wrong, what do we change and move forward,' said Diego Bernal, city council member for District One. For example, there's some talk of making that area all pedestrian and shutting down traffic. There's talk of smoothing it all out so it's one big plaza. Do we add a visitor center?

The committee chairs said that's why it's important the panel is made up of 21 individuals. The group is made up of local San Antonio residents, archaeologists, historians and architects.

People who have a very distinct expertise on whatever questions we've got, said Bernal.

As the Alamo Plaza Advisory Committee draws up a master redesign plan, they are holding a public forum on August 26 from 6-8 p.m. at the Convention Center in Room 103.

It'll be an opportunity for people to express their thoughts, their desires, their opinions. The history of the Alamo is very broad and diverse. It would be my goal and the goal of the society, that all aspects of the evolution of the Alamo Plaza area be portrayed in a way that everybody can kind of see their footprint in San Antonio, said Sue Ann Pemberton, San Antonio Conservation Society President.

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