HOUSTON An anonymous donor has stated that he will stage a cash grab in Houston this Friday, similar to ones that have caused money scrambles in other cities.

However, on Wednesday, the organizer took to social media to request that folks show up in the Texas Medical Center to commit random acts of kindness.

He tweeted for people to go to M.D. Anderson Cancer Center at noon and sit in the lobby and the cafeteria.

Lillie Bernard saw the tweet and brought a gift for a cancer patient and their family. It was a gift wrapped Monopoly game.

It s better to give than to receive, always, she said.

Other good Samaritans bought toys for pediatric patients. A lady handed a boy named Spencer Mitas an inspirational card with $20 in it. She quickly walked away before she could be identified.

That s pretty cool, Mitas said. It makes me feel good.

He said he was now cancer-free after battling for a year.

Recipients of the good deeds were touched by the spontaneous generosity. Gary Irving has been coming to M.D. Anderson with his mother for seven years.

It goes a long way, he said, referring to the random acts of kindness. It really does. Having been a part of this process for as long as we have been, it s just very warming. It s very helpful.

If everybody would just share just a little bit, it, it would be wonderful, Irving s father Martin said after hearing about the social media campaign of giving and receiving.

The organizer who goes by Houston Hidden Gifts online tweeted that he has cancer himself. That may well be why he sent gift-givers to M.D. Anderson.

He also asked people to go to a nearby apartment complex on Bertner where patients and families can stay for free up to 90 days. A woman named Alfreda Barker showed up there hunting for cash.

Once she was informed that today was for giving, not getting, she said she had no gifts for the residents however, I have love though, plenty of love to give.

She and her sister Charlotte then went inside and greeted some of the complex residents with warm handshakes and a hug.

The organizer said the hidden cash grab he plans for Houston on Friday will be in three different locations. He has revealed no specific hints about where they will be.

One cancer survivor s husband told KHOU 11 if he found some money he knows exactly what he would do with it.

I would give it to this place right here, Martin Irving said, referring to M.D. Anderson. This is one of the well I can t say enough about this place.

After a few hours of gift-giving and good deeds the organizer told participants to pull out of M.D. Anderson because of the hospital s concerns about privacy and public interaction with patients who may have compromised immune systems.

To find out what s happening with the next social media call for random acts of kindness and the scheduled Houston cash giveaway on Friday, find the organizer on Facebook and Twitter under the name: Houston Hidden Gifts

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