HOUSTON -- A local adoption agency is offering some answers to a woman in California searching for her birth parents.

For weeks, Tana Inskeep has shared the picture of her holding a poster with information about her biological family in Houston.

The picture went viral and we aired her story too. It turns out, the adoption agency that didn't help her years ago had a change of heart -- they pulled her file.

They actually had the name and they know my birth parents, said Inskeep in our FaceTime interview. The case worker actually sent the letter out and she's made contact and we're waiting, we're just waiting to hear.

Inskeep wrote just about everything she knew on that sign.

She was born at the Woman's Hospital of Texas and her birth certificate suggested she might be a twin.

It was just amazing all the support and people who really wanted to get the story out and hopefully make a connection, she said.

Surprisingly, in less than three weeks, there is a possible connection.

Sometimes I wonder will they be brave enough to respond, said Inskeep. Other times I keep going back to I've lived this long without knowing them, and I'm OK with either way it goes.

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