PORTER, Texas A seventh grade girl s familyisworriedafter someone tried to abduct her inher Porter neighborhood, allegedlyfor the second time.

An aunt of the13-year-old saida man tried to grabthe girlafter school on Monday. The girl had been walking with her brother, but after the two were separated, a man allegedly chased her into the woods near Cumberland and FM 1314.

The girl dialed 911 and was on the phone with an operator throughout the entire ordeal.

This is not the first time the family says someone's tried to snatch her. The family reported an attempted abduction in November and the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office released a composite sketch of that suspect. However, it was not determined if the suspect in the sketch is the same suspect in the latest case.

Somebody has been stalking her for quite a while. She caught him looking at her, said the girl s aunt who didn t want to use her name. She s a little shaken up, but she s doing really good. She fought him off.

The girl was taken away in an ambulance around 3:30 p.m. for treatment of minor cuts and scrapes.

Neighbors watched a sprawling scene play out for the second time in their community.

I have a 4-year-old boy I am deathly afraid to send to school tomorrow, said mother Sarah Westbrook. They can be taken so easily so fast.

Deputies searched by air and on the ground after the latest report, but found no trace of the man.

The girl told investigators that he was driving a gray passenger car.

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