HOUSTON It was a scary, frantic night for a family who got a call from their grandmother claiming she had been kidnapped by two men and left tied up in the back of her car.

The woman, 53-year-old Norma Morales-Diaz, lives with her husband at this apartment complex. Property owner Jim Carroll was there the night the family got the call.

Ask her what she can see. Can she see anything out the window? Does she know how long they drove before they stopped at the gas station? Carroll said.

They had the victim hang up. Call 911. And they were able to cross reference the location here to the 7600 Hershe, said Lt. Larry Crowson with Houston Police.

When found, Morales-Diaz told police the men had kidnapped her at gunpoint from a Chevron station, drove her around, sexually assaulted her, then tied her up and left her alone in her Jeep.

But it turns out she may have made it all up. According to the arrest affidavit, police found that Morales-Diaz was never at the locations she claimed. Surveillance video showed nothing. When they brought her in for questioning, police said she admitted to lying and was arrested.

All these people trying to find her. Everybody trying to find her and they only charge her with a class B misdemeanor? That s not right, said Carroll.

Another weird twist in the arrest report: the woman said her teeth had fallen out and she didn t want her husband to see her, so she left. She said she needed to lie to cover up why she hadn t come home, so her husband wouldn t leave her.

He s pretty upset. From what I understand, he doesn t want her back because of the lies. I think there s more to it than what she s saying, said Carroll. She needs to get help or something.

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