HOUSTON -- Police are on the lookout for a couple of fake cops who pulled a man over to beat and rob him early Friday.

The robbery was reported around 3 a.m. in a parking lot on Nordling Road at Witcher Lane.

The victim told police he was driving along when a Grand Marquis or Crown Victoria with lights on its dash pulled up behind him. The victim pulled over, and two men in dark clothing approached on both sides of his vehicle.

The suspects didn t say anything. Instead, they pulled the man from his car and beat him, stealing about $1,500 from him. When a passerby stopped and yelled at the men, they got back in their sedan and sped away.

The victim was sent to the hospital to get treated for his bruises.

The victim said the men weren t wearing any patches, but one of the suspects had a badge hanging from a chain around his neck.

Police believe the men may have followed the victim from a convenience store where he was shopping. They re hoping surveillance cameras may lead investigators to the suspects.

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