DALLAS It's been four months since we told you about little Sawyer Jones. The two-year-old desperately needed a heart transplant and was adopted as an infant by Dallas police Officer Patrick Jones and his family despite his condition.

We're happy to report that Sawyer now has his new heart after being hooked up to tubes and wires and machines for eight long months.

We believe in our faith, and we just kept praying, Jones said.

Sawyer was born with cardiomyopathy two holes in his heart. He's been at Children's Medical Center Dallas since August, unable to survive without the machines.

His parents have been praying daily for a new heart. Then just three days before Good Friday they got the news: Sawyer was getting his new heart.

We are glad to get the heart, but you are still grieving for the other family for their loss, Officer Jones said. Even though our son is living, but he's given life through somebody else losing theirs.

The operation took eight hours. Jones said this has been a long journey, but faith and prayers got them through.

We got a gift of life, and Jesus was resurrected on Easter Sunday so we are just blessed to have this experience and have our son, he said.


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