HOUSTON The family of a 15-year-old girl said they never thought she d wind up in court facing a judge on multiple charges of armed robbery and carjacking.

I m hurt, said Stacy Langhum, the teenager s mother. I m shocked. .

Langhum blames her daughter's alleged crime spree on the Internet.

I would tell other parents out there to monitor the interne, she said. Pay attention to what their kids are doing.

Langhum said what her kid did began online where she met 25-year-old Justin Johnson. She said the girl hid that fact from her mother.

She always said she was talking to girlfriends and of course I went with it, said Langhum.

She never suspected the string of holdups involving her daughter and Johnson. Investigators say the pair robbed two Valero gas stations, a CVS Pharmacy and this Murphy's gas station on Fry Road. They're also accused of carjacking a man and committing a holdup in Fort Bend County.

No one was physically hurt during the holdups. But the victims were still traumatized. And the15-year-old s loved ones think that she should still be punished.

I can t accept this, said Rosalinda Chavez, the girl s grandmother. I want her to learn. I want her to learn by her mistakes.

Family advocate Quanell X believes the girl s mistakes began through social media.

The internet has been the gift and the curse to our society, said Quanell X. It helps us through so much. But to our children, it is such a dangerous threat.

Langhum expressed her regrets.

I m sorry, she said. I m very sorry. I never raised her to be this person.

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