OLMITO, Texas -- The suspect accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a teenager from Magnolia is behind bars in the Cameron County Jail. 51-year old Randy Johnson's bond has been set at $1 million.

Johnson told the girl's family that he was from Harlingen but his criminal record suggests he's more of a drifter.

He's been arrested on crimes ranging from drug possession to assault in Georgia, Illinois, Missouri and Mississippi.

We don't know when he moved to Magnolia but was doing sheet rock work with the girl's dad. The family let him move in last summer when he claimed to have colon cancer and needed a place to stay.

Months later, they kicked him out after getting suspicious about his relationship with their 14-year old daughter who's been diagnosed with Down Syndrome, Autism and Bipolar disorder.

On Monday, the two disappeared in an unknown vehicle.

Investigators tracked his cell phone to a mobile home park in Harlingen.

When the two were found, investigators told us that he cooperated with authorities and gave a full confession.

Chief Deputy Gus Reyna believed she was found in the nick of time.

In this case, she's just lucky that she wasn't hurt, said Chief Reyna. Lucky that she didn't disappear somewhere and the best part is I'm glad he didn't take her into Mexico.


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