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Teams around the NFL are curious whether Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel is more concerned with football than his brand.

Manziel is already trying to acquire a trademark for the Johnny Football nickname. He s also attempting to land a second trademark, The House That Johnny Built , according to s Darren Rovell.

As Manziel searches to acquire yet another trademark, those teams uncomfortable with Manziel s approach may have their answer.

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The House That Johnny Built is incredibly presumptuous.

If it s a reference to Kyle Field in College Station, Texas A&M s field has stood for 86 years and had a long and storied history before Manziel ever put on an Aggies uniform.

It s also setting Manziel up for failure as a savior for an NFL franchise. General managers and coaches will want Manziel to come into their organization, keep his head down and put in the work expected of a quarterback in the NFL. Plus, veterans will expect a rookie to earn his stripes.

Manziel needs to build a foundation in the NFL, before he can be the considered the architect of a franchise.

Manziel isn t guaranteed he will acquire either trademark, though. Both had claims filed prior to Manziel doing so.

Even so, this is nothing new from Manziel.

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During his pro day, Manziel put on a show from both a football and a entertainment aspect. Music was blaring over the loudspeakers. A former President of the United States was in attendance. Unlike other quarterbacks, Manziel threw while wearing a helmet and shoulder pads. It was all part of a marketing plan for Manziel.

Johnny Manziel is a football player. He is also an entertainer. He s even a mainstream celebrity.

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When a team selects him in May s NFL draft, all this comes with that decision. And it will scare some teams away from choosing the man known as Johnny Football.

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