HOUSTON -- A 3-year-old child found wandering alone in northeast Houston was picked up by a couple of good Samaritans Wednesday morning, and the encounter between them and the boy s mother was all caught on video.

As the women drove along Homestead Road near Tidwell, they all saw the same thing and pulled over. A preschooler was all alone on a very dangerous road.

Cause he was running down the middle of the road, said Monique Robinson. And these people can t drive.

Robinson pulled out her cell phone and shot video of what she saw.

The women scooped up the boy and flagged down a deputy constable. The boy s mother showed up minutes later.

But the good Samaritans were not sure if she was, in fact, his mom and wanted to protect him.

Naw, naw, naw we don't know that you his mama. We don't know that. Wait baby. And she mad. She don't have no right to be mad, they could be heard saying.

The mother told authorities she did not immediately realize her son had gotten out of the car and that's when she drove down the street until she found him.

The mother had pulled up to her place of employment. She got out checked the building. The child got out of the car, said Capt. Jon Moore, Harris County Pct. 3 Constable s Office.

In the video, the boy cries for his mom as she walks off, appearing irritated with the crowd.

Why is you mad at us, lady? We got your son, trying to help your son so he won't get hit. You should be thanking everybody out here, someone said to the mom.

Authorities say the situation could have ended horribly.

Oh they could be ran over very easily, Capt. Moore said.

The good Samaritans are hoping the child will not end up in harm's way anymore.

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