HOUSTON -- A horse and rider were hit Friday by a suspect during a high speed chase with police in northeast Houston.

It happened Friday evening on Parker Road near Homestead.

I'm still in shock, said MisJessica Bouldin. She witnessed the whole thing. When the car hit the horse, he flew up off the horse and landed on the ground.

Police said the suspect took off during a police stop and was throwing drugs out the window before plowing into the horse.

The rider, 17-year-old Cedric Abraham, is going to be OK but you can imagine his family's surprise when they got the call about what happened.

Oh your heart is just racing, said Gwendolyn Claybon, Abraham's aunt. You just hope and pray that everything is OK.

But that's not the case for the injured horse, a Tennessee Walker, which lay in the road and unable to stand up.

That's Blackjack, said Lee Sion. He was like a family member.

Sion said he had to make the painful call to put Blackjack down after seeing the horse's injuries.

He was 12 years old.

For me to see him like that, it brings tears to my eyes, said Sion. I'm an animal lover and that was my soldier.

The suspect was caught a few blocks away. He faces a felony evading arrest charge and most likely others for causing this mess.

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