SAN ANTONIO A local mom is talking only with KENS 5 after capturing a video that went viral on Facebook. It was only meant to be shared with friends and family but SAPD got wind of it too. After family shared the video more people were logging on to see the mystery man and his good deed.

12-year-old Jacob Aguirre loves a good game of basketball. He hopes to one day play for the Spurs.

He plays outside his south-side home with his younger brothers. However, on Wednesday night he got to play with someone whom he considers a hero wearing a different color of uniform. Mom caught it all on cell phone.

It was good he won by two points, said Aguirre.

That local hero was wearing a blue uniform for the San Antonio Police Department At first, when Jacob saw the unknown officer slow down he was a little weary.

I thought I was in trouble when he pulled over, said Aguirre.

I thought something had happened but when I check he s actually playing basketball with the cop, said Monica Aguirre.

The officer told Jacob he was on a break and they played for fifteen minutes. Jacob said the officer had some game.

I caught up but lost him, he said. I think he s nice because he took the time to do it.

It s not every day this little life experience [happens] for him. It s huge. It may not mean much but it s huge, said the mother.

The sixth grader bragged to his friends in school. Mom shared it on Facebook. Someone then shared the video on SAPD's page, which generated a lot of likes and positive comments. No one has been able to figure out the identity of this mystery officer.

Whoever he is I want to say thank you and maybe I would like to meet him, said mom.

As for Jacob, he wants to thank him too and more.

I want my rematch, said Jacob.

SAPD is currently trying to find out who the officer is to put him in touch with the family.

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