DALLAS It's one hour. With one SkinPen.

Inside are 12 rotating stainless steel needles, creating thousands of tiny incisions.

You are creating new, healthy collagen from that dermal layer, explained Marilee St. Louis, a clinical aesthetician at Luxury on Lovers in Dallas. This is so microscopic that you get this huge boost of collagen to heal the wound and thicken the skin.

Unlike lasers that thin your skin, St. Louis said this technique builds skin back up.

I have people visiting me saying, 'What have you done to your skin?' said Donna Brittingham. The 47-year-old swears by this treatment, and she's tried even the most intense of lasers.

You know this area in here that falls into your neck? That was tighter, toned... pores smaller... and I immediately noticed the pigmentation was gone, she said.

Skin Pen requires numbing, and claims to reach tough spots like your eyes and around the lips. The pen lets St. Louis lengthen or shorten the needle, depending on where she's working on the face.

By the time you leave here you are red and puffy, she said. You look like you are sunburn. But after three days, you don't see anything... it looked great.

I did it on a Friday, and on a Saturday I was back to charity work, said Julia Stocker. Now almost 54, Stocker said she feels 10 years younger by starting the treatment.

This has true results, and they are immediate, she said.

St. Louis said she's seen the best success in treatment of acne scarring.

We always thought was a permanent mark, but this is actually dissolving the scar and breaking up the tissue, she said.

Brittingham had extensive burns on her body, causing major scars.

I've tried everything on my chest; the scars there were keloid, they came from a burn inside out, she said.

And while those scars are not gone, Brittingham said her skin looks significantly better, and she credits the power behind the little SkinPen.

The procedure costs around $300.


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