HOUSTON Two people were injured during an apparent attempted robbery Tuesday outside an Uptown restaurant, police said.

The victims were leaving their job at Adair Kitchen on San Felipe when they were approached by two gunmen shortly before midnight, officers with the Houston Police Department said.

Police identified the victims as 31-year-old Estela Renteria and 20-year-old Jose Isabel-Amador Vasquez.

According to HPD, as the victims got to their vehicles, the suspects shot the female worker in the head, and her coworker was grazed by a bullet. The gunmen then fled the scene.

From what one of the victims said, is that the two males were there standing near the vehicles when they approached, said Steve Straughter, with HPD Homicide.

Customers were in shock.

Gosh, I m blown away , I can t believe that this would happened in this part of town at this great restaurant, said Heidi Binet, a customer.

Officers said the two armed men were after a cell phone and cash.

Nearby Jimmy John s employees know the victims and said they are heartbroken.

Over a cell phone? Ya ll could ve came to Jimmy Johns and got a job, said William Terry, who works next door.

The woman was sent to the hospital in critical condition. The male victim was in stable condition at the hospital.

Police said witnesses heard the shooting, but did not see if the gunmen left on foot or by car. A detailed description of the suspects was not available.

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