GALVESTON, Texas Investigators have released a sketch and photo of a suspect in connection with the deaths of two Houston women found dead outside a Port Bolivar convenience store on Friday.

Galveston County Sheriff Office detectives continue to search for leads in the death of Britney Cosby and Crystal Jackson of Houston. Both women were 24 years old.

Detectives are asking for the public s help in identifying the suspect in the composite drawing. He would have been last seen with the victims and in their vehicle, a 2006 silver Kia SUV.

The women were found early Friday, near a dumpster outside a Bolivar convenience store.

Sheriff Henry Trochesset wouldn t elaborate on how the man and the victims were connected, but said it s likely the women were killed somewhere in Houston, before their bodies were brought to the location where they were found.

It appeared form the scene that they were both killed by different types of trauma, said Trochesset.

The women were a couple, and family members say Jackson had a 5-year-old daughter.

Those with information are asked to contact the Sheriff s Office at 866-248-8477 or Galveston County Crime Stoppers 409-763-8477.

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