HOUSTON -- Houston police are investigating another Fiesta grocery store smash-and-grab on the northside of town.

It happened at the store on Fulton Street at Patton Street early Friday morning.

Like other recent smash-and-grabs, the suspects targeted the electronics counter toward the front of the store.

Police said four men smashed through the bottom pane of glass on the store s front door. The men then crawled through and immediately took a left toward the cell phone counter.

The men took phones and cigarettes while overnight workers hid.

As soon as I seen them I grabbed my phone and called 911, and I just took cover just went upstairs and hid for a little while, said employee Francisco Vavila. ... just hoping they don t come looking for me. You never know if they re armed or anything.

After the men grabbed their loot, they went back out the way they came in and fled the scene before police arrived.

Police said the suspects, who may have jumped a fence near the store, left behind the car they arrived in a stolen Dodge sedan with Louisiana plates.

It's unclear if the men were armed. No injuries were reported.

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