LEAGUECITY, Texas -- A 17-year-old teenage girl claims that suspected satanic killer Jose Reyes is a date rapist who sexually and physically assaulted her last year. It is the policy of KHOU 11 News to conceal the identity of sexual assault victims.

She said she knew Reyes and his family and went to Heritage Park in Webster with him last February to drink. She admits they also got high on weed.

The teen said things turned ugly and Reyes and three of his friends raped her. She also said Reyes physically assaulted her as well.

I couldn't move cuz they gave me pills and my body was just like, I couldn't move. I couldn't do anything, she said.

The Harris County Sheriff's Department confirms that the girl told a school counselor the next day but a spokesman said no charges were filed because the alleged victim's parents did not cooperate with the investigation.

The teen's mother said that's not true, and that she got the runaround from authorities who she feels did not pursue the case aggressively.

I'm grateful that I'm not dead at this time, the teen said.

The girl said while she is thankful to be alive, when it comes to her quality of life, that is another story.

I didn't even want to be alive at that time. I was in psychiatric places. I was hospitalized. I missed school and everything. My whole life became completely different, said the teen.

She said seeing justice for Corianne Cervantes, the victim Reyes is accused of raping and killing in this case, would be a little like getting justice and peace for herself.

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