HOUSTON Students at an HISD high school say their bus is so crowded that they ve been forced to sit in the aisle and on each other s laps.

KHOU 11 News received pictures and tweets about the problem aboard bus route 4046 to Westside High School on Friday morning.

Parents said the issue started about two weeks ago when the bus route changed and more kids got on the bus.

KHOU 11 News spoke to a mom who also happens to be a teacher in another district. She asked us not to show her face.

What if the bus has to stop, that s a very dangerous situation for those babies to be in, I d get a ticket, she said.

Houston Independent School District officials said the pictures make the problem look worse than it actually is. They said the buses can safely hold 71 students and there s only 56 on this route.

Despite the photos, they claim no students are being forced to sit in the aisle.

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