ARLINGTON -- A woman who could barely stand and was within one day of death, according to her doctors, is miraculously back at home in Arlington.

Julie Shelley was taken to the emergency room at JPS Hospital just before Christmas day.

Doctors said a day later it would've been too late, because then I would have turned septic, she said.

The mother of a 12-year-old son said she was diagnosed with pneumonia and bronchitis. Ultimately, she came back as positive for H1N1, or swine flu.

Shelley never got a flu shot.

Always get your flu shot, she said.

Shelley is spending her days at home with her son. She is on her final dose of antibiotics while trying to build up her lung strength.

A Facebook page titled Prayers for Julie continues to get dozens of posts, even some from complete strangers.

It's a miracle, it really is, she said.

Tarrant County is set to release new figures on Friday which will show the flu season has peaked in the county, according to the health department.

Data already available shows that now, less than nine percent of patients visits to doctors countywide are because of flu-like symptoms.

Dallas County said earlier this week that its flu numbers had also peaked.


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