HOUSTON -- Snow flurries fell at a pretty steady pace just before noon Tuesday on Victory near Antoine in northwest Houston.

Some folks said all the unusual winter weather keeps them off balance.

It s confusing, said Michelle Williams, because one minute it s kind of warm and the next minute it s actually snowing.

With so many people getting a day off work and schools closed, pizza delivery staff was busy.

Everybody don t want to come out, said Danny Martin as he made another run. They want a delivery.

Pest control worker Harold Dominguez was also very busy Tuesday. He said he had 12 homes on his list. When it gets cold, rodents get cold too, he said and seek shelter in homes.

One man who recently moved to Houston from Colorado found our version of winter weather comical.

This ain t cold, Mike Smithwick said. This ain t no weather. I laugh about it. I laugh about it, watch people slide off the road because they don t know how to drive. You gotta slow down....just gotta know what you re doing.

From all appearances,many drivers kept off the roads Tuesday. On the north and northwest sides of town snow and ice did not stick.

If you don t know how to drive in it, stay home, said Smithwick. If you don t know nothing about it stay in the house. Don t go looking around, end up getting hurt.

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