HOUSTON -- Gallery Furniture and its owner Jim Mattress Mack McIngvale had a promotion about the NFL's conference championship games that worked too well.

The commercial promised to give customers back their money if they bought more than $5,000, had it delivered before the start of the first game and guessed the winning teams headed to the Super Bowl.

More than 100 customers got it right and Mattress Mack is now in the process of refunding $600,000!

I took a deep breath and gulped in my throat, he explained. Six hundred thousand dollars of free furniture. Eighty percent of the customers were smart and picked the right teams.

Troy Moreland in Cypress splurged and spent $12,000 on two bedroom sets. He also guessed the two winning teams and can't believe he gets the furniture for free.

I literally ran out the door screaming that we won because all of our neighbors knew we were doing it, said Moreland.

Mattress Mack said that he and a few employees came up with the idea but never expected so many to guess correctly.

We're getting ready to give back $600,000 and it will hurt the bank account but will make those customers account happy, he said.

We're thinking about doing it for the big game but haven't decided yet, said Mattress Mack.

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