KATY, Texas -- There are plenty of birds hanging around outside the Walmart on Market Place Drive in Katy. Ranell Roy is only worried about one.

When I hit the corner, my first reaction was really said Roy.

A single grackle managed to get inside the store and Roy watched it for weeks.

He snapped pictures of it on the bread aisle. The next week, he decided to shoot video as the bird was pecking away at some packaged steak.

It's been gaining some weight, he said. Definitely not a vegan.

After watching the bird, he brought it to an employee's attention.

There's an employee about ten feet away stocking the meat on the shelves, Roy recalled. So I tap her like hey ma'am either Walmart has some really fresh product or there's a wild bird right behind you.

Roy was sure after two week of bird watching inside the store that it would be gone.

But on his third visit in three weeks, it was still there.

He brought it to the attention of two workers.

She's like I'm sorry sir, I m gonna talk to management, she told him. I went to another employee and he's like directing me, trying to help me out. Take pictures of this. Send them to corporate.

We contacted the corporate Walmart office too. They told us the bird issue is a serious matter and they sent a crew in but the bird was gone.

Hours later, we paid a visit to the store and found the grackle perched in the rafters.

It's Walmart, you know, Roy explained. I can go to the aisle in the sporting good section and get a net and catch it myself.

In the end, Walmart managed to capture the bird.

They had to temporarily shut down the 24-hour store and dispatch a professional crew to finally send that grackle packing.

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