HOUSTON Garage sales can be work, but a local man has made it a business.

Ben Weissenstein, with Grand Slam Garage Sales, knows his way around a garage sale and has turned helping others sell their stuff into a thriving company.

He started the company 10 years ago when he was 14. Wessenstein was a born entrepreneur. He was on the cover of the Houston Chronicle, selling lemonade at age 4.

Now at age 23, he is offering a service he says that takes the headache out of trying to organize all your stuff, and getting rid of it.

We come in take the stuff out, organize, price, sell everything and whatever doesn t sell, we haul off as well, he said.

Some homeowners even leave town, or just relax, while he and his staff take care of everything.

It s great, it s great I didn t have to do anything except point and say this goes, this doesn t, said Candy Clay, a homeowner.

The company charges a flat fee of $195.00, plus they get 25 percent of sales under $800, and 30 percent of sales between $800 to $999, and 35 percent of sales over $1,000.

Last year Weissenstein said the company had more than $100,000 in revenue.
Now he is working on going nationwide.

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