HOUSTON Three armed robbers fired several gunshots inside a southeast Houston gas station Friday morning.

The clerk was alone inside the store on Mykawa around 8:30 a.m. when the masked suspects stormed in with guns drawn.

I heard the voice, Hands up! said Muhammed Pervez.

The clerkwas behind bullet-proof glass, along with the cash register.

Two or three times, they told me, Open the door, open the door, but I didn t, Pervez said.

The masked suspects started shooting, but the bullets bounced off the bullet-proof glass. Pervez ran into the cooler and watched from there.

They looking very angry. They fired three, four times, Pervez said. See this marking of fire, you know. And then, they gone.

Pervez ran into a cooler in the back and hid until the robbers left empty-handed.

Pervez is grateful he wasn t hurt -- or worse.

Only help from God, Pervez said.

Unfortunately, he couldn t provide much of a description because all three robbers were wearing masks.

Police are hoping surveillance video will help them catch the bad guys.

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