PASADENA, Texas Police are trying to track down a couple of thieves who were caught on camera using someone else s credit card.

Investigators say a man and woman have been breaking into cars and stealing valuables, and they believe they ve done it several times.

Debra was one of their victims. She does not want to be identified.

Driver s license, check book, credit card, coupons, little personal things, Debra said, itemizing what was stolen from her.

She and her husband were shocked when they found the mess that was left behind.

Glass everywhere, on the ground. I was almost in denial, that ain t mine, oh yes it is, she said.

But before Debra could even cancel the credit cards, the suspects drove down to Walmart on Fairmont Parkway and used her credit card to purchase a thousand dollars worth of gift cards.

Now, Debra is always watching her back and is paranoid of what else might happen.

Anyone who recognizes the suspects should immediately call police.

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