HOUSTON -- Three days after a woman was mauled to death by pit bulls in southeast Houston, the investigation continues and more animals have been seized.

Three dogs were seized Wednesday from a vacant apartment across the street from where the attack took place. Christina Bell, 43, was fatally attacked by two dogs early Sunday morning. Relatives said she was trying to feed them.

So far, one pit bull mix has been linked to the attack. It was surrendered by its owners to BARC and is under quarantine. and this dog in particular is of special interest to the investigation.

We brought them in one, because these are potentially very aggressive dogs that were in the same complex near where the attack occurred, said Christopher Newport. And one of the dogs matches the description of the other dog presumably involved in the attack.

So far the owner of the dog known to be involved in the attack has just received citations. But in Texas, a person can be held criminally responsible for the actions of their pets.

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