HOUSTON -- It's a busy day at the malls as shoppers make returns, use gift cards and catch post holiday sales. But while people are in the stores, thieves may be in the parking lots shopping for easy targets, police said.

A viewer told KHOU 11 News that his truck was broken into Thursday along with a couple other cars parked near him. He said it happened in broad daylight.

Tom Flemings said thieves took a bag that contained some old tools, worth a couple hundred dollars.

I couldn't believe it, Memorial City Mall there with all the so-called security everywhere, Flemings said.

Whoever broke into Flemings' truck probably was responsible for breaking into a Cadillac Escalade parked right by him and an F-150 truck as well, he said.

People see something easy to take, they just want to do it, said shopper Carlos Alves.

Neither Houston police nor Memorial City Mall officials provided any hard numbers about mall auto burglaries but it's a crime that happens to many people in all sectors of the city.

Recently my husband's iPad got stolen out of his car that he'd only had for one day, said shopper Lesli Pendergraft.

My mom's car was broken into multiple times. You got to make sure your valuables are stowed, shopper Michael Horn.

Police advise shoppers to hide, lock and take. Hide everything in your car, even loose change, they said. Lock your doors and take anything of value with you.

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