HOUSTON Authorities are still looking for three suspects after a makeshift bomb was detonated outside a church on the northeast side of town Friday morning.

According to the Houston Police Department, the incident was reported in the parking lot of Lindale Church of Christ on Enid Street at Melbourne Street.

A witness in a nearby car told police she heard the blast and her vehicle shook. She then saw three men getting into a van and speeding away.

I thought my car blew up. I thought the back end of my car exploded, a witness said.

The witness, who was afraid to show her face, said she felt the earth move.

It was a big explosion. Big. It shook my car, she said. Fragments of a milk cartoon were scattered across the parking lot.

Police said it appeared children were playing with some kind of chemical to create the explosion, but a witness said it was a group of adults that detonated the explosive.

These were people in their mid- to late-20 s. These were not 19-year-old kids playing around. These were... I had the feeling they were pretty shocked. I had the feeling they didn t know it was going to go off, another witness said.

No injuries or damages were reported, and police cleared the scene a short time later. They are also trying to determine a motive for the detonation.

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