HOUSTON A father is upset after thieves stole home videos of his son who was a Pearland High School football star.

Those who follow Pearland High School football probably know Daryl Guillot, or at least, his son Dustin Garrison.

Guillot is a huge Oilers fan and films almost every game, but recently, while at the school s stadium, thieves were at his house stealing pricey electronics.

I had a Sony Vaio laptop, 15-inch monitor, an external hard drive, said Guillot, listing just a few of the many items that were stolen from his home.

Garrison helped the team win the 5A Class state championship in 2010.

Guillot caught that special season on camera, but those memories are now gone.

I can get video from the high school, but it s missing elements I like, said Guillot.

A good play, a bad play, when you hear the crowd cheer or moan that to me is just as fun as the play itself.

Although his son has graduated, Guillot continued to film games, helping other players put together footage to present to colleges, in hopes of getting a scholarship.

It s his way of paying it forward, after his videos helped his son get an athletic scholarship to the University of West Virginia.

If it can help a kid and mom and dad (not) have to come out of pocket for college, it s a little something I can do, he said.

What the thieves didn t take were items Guillot holds close to his heart: his son s high school and college jerseys.

Police said there was no forced entry. Guillot said he believes the thieves are people he knows.

Anyone with information is asked to call Pearland police.

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