HOUSTON Doctors at Texas Children s Hospital are predicting the star of the reality series The Little Couple has excellent chances for a full recovery from a rare form of cancer.

Dr. Jennifer Arnold, a neonatologist at Texas Children s and a reality TV star alongside her husband Bill Klein, was diagnosed with stage 3 choriocarcinoma.

The cancer develops in just one in 50,000 pregnancies.

After an unsuccessful pregnancy, Arnold developed complications. Specialists discovered that cells that should have developed into a placenta during pregnancy developed into a uterine tumor instead.

Chemotherapy was the first line of attack. Doctors did not want to perform surgery because of concerns about potential complications that her dwarfism might pose. But doctors did opt for a hysterectomy and chemotherapy.

Arnold, now resting at home with her husband and two adopted children, is reported to be understandably weak but upbeat about her odds.

There are moments I feel just terrible. But this is just a bump in the road. I will get through this. Dr. Arnold told People Magazine. The treatment is rough. But I have a chance of being cured. I just have to push through it.

Her prognosis is excellent, said Dr. Concepcion Diaz-Arrastia who is part of Arnold s treatment team at the Texas Children s Pavilion for Women. But to get to this excellent prognosis and excellent cure rate, we have had to put Dr. Arnold through quite a bit of treatment.

Dr. Arnold is being treated at her own hospital, Texas Children s, partly because the medical equipment used on children is more suited to her size.

The medical complications that led to the cancer diagnosis occurred while Arnold and Klein were in India in the process of adopting their second child.

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