HOUSTON A man says he fears for his life after a woman accused of killing a man with a stiletto heel was released from the Harris County Jail Wednesday on a $100,000 bond.

Ana Trujillo, 44, is charged with stabbing her 59-year-old boyfriend, University of Houston professor Alf Stefan Anderson, as many as 30 times with a stiletto shoe.

Ever since Trujillo was arrested Jim Carrol said he has been watching his back.

She told me on two different occasions, that if anybody ever screwed with her that they were going to get this in the eye and it was a stiletto heel, he said.

Carroll said he met Trujillo when she was renting an apartment at a complex he was managing. He is expected to testify in her trial.

While Trujillo has been in jail for the past six months, Carroll said he has been constantly checking websites, to see if she had paid her $100,000 bond and been released from jail.

It s crazy, why would they let somebody out on bond that just murdered a guy hitting him 31 times in the face with an object? he said.

Carroll said he s not afraid to testify, but he still worries she may try to find him before she goes trial.

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