HOUSTON The number of fans rooting for the Houston Texans seems to have been dwindling after each painful loss this season.

But fans across Houston seem re-energized by news of change with the firing of head coach Gary Kubiak on Friday.

Lining up for a bite of hearty Southern cooking the food wasn t all people at Treebeards in downtown Houston were focused on.

We were talking about it, and she s like, Wow Gary Kubiak is fired, and I was like OK, well, maybe it s about time for change, Matthew Williams, a cashier at the restaurant, said.

Williams said the news spread from one table to the next, and the reactions seemed identical.

Not surprised...great man, good guy but not surprised, Elliot Wiesendanger said. Only surprised it took as long as it did.

Fans, eating and talking, define this season pretty simply as disastrous.

However, with Kubiak getting the boot there s hope that the disaster is over. There is talk that the Texans need more than just a new coach.

I think it will start to restore the faith. I think it s the first step of many steps they need to take to get back on track, Joe Kanouff, another restaurant patron, said.

Like many fans across the city, people here are already looking to next season.

I think next year can be totally different, Peggy Hardy said.

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