LITTLE ELM, Texas Family members say Alexandra Harris was so frustrated with how her daughter was being treated that she let her emotions get the best of her.

Everybody was standing around outside. I was wondering what was going on, said neighbor Jeremy Windom.

Windom saw a group of people gathered at the end of the block, where the Lakeside Middle School bus usually drops off students.

As I turned into the street, I saw two cop cars and a few police. It was around 4:45 p.m., he said.

Police in the Denton County community were there to arrest Harris. Reports say she boarded her daughter's usual bus and hit and kicked two students. Harris has been charged with felony assault and three counts of injury to a minor.

This is a very unusual incident for our school district, said Little Elm ISD spokeswoman Julie Zwahr.

Zwahr said the three middle school students were shaken, but not seriously hurt.

Staff are shocked that a parent would go so far, but we re learning more about Harris' possible motivation. Family members told News 8 that bullies have targeted Harris' daughter, and when the bus pulled up, she saw a scuffle on board and believed her little girl was being beaten.

Little Elm ISD says students and families with such concerns should come to them first.

When someone reports incidents of bullying, we immediately trigger an investigation, a whole series of interviews, paperwork, Zwahr said. It s a pretty serious allegation when someone alleges they have been bullied on our campus, and we take a pretty serious stance to that.

But Alexandra Harris family said she had been in contact with her daughter's school several time to report the bullies, and there had been no improvement. They apologized for what Harris allegedly did, but said you can t blame her for trying to protect her child.

Harris is currently in the Denton County jail on a $10,000 bond. Little Elm ISD sent a note home with parents Wednesday afternoon offering details about the incident.


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