CROSBY, Texas -- Concerns are swirling at Crosby Middle School after an 8th grade student was investigated for threatening classmates on Facebook.

Parents claim the so-called kill list included more than a dozen classmates. It reportedly entailed a lengthy online exchange between the middle school student and a female classmate.

Some parents are now worried that the 13-year-old may be getting special treatment because of who he is. Harris County Precinct 3 Constable s office confirms the boy is the son of one of their deputies.

Precinct 3 conducted the investigation but tells KHOU the boy s father was not involved.

Does that have anything to do with it? If it was another child, would they have taken him in, asked one mother, who wanted to remain anonymous.

Harris County District Attorney s Office has decided not to accept charges in the case. A DA s office spokesman said the facts of the case were examined very carefully and closely .

According to the DA s office, the deputy who called in the accusations also believed that charges should not be filed.

KHOU spoke with a number of parents who now question safety at school. However, the majority of concerned parents did not want to speak publicly because they fear the threat isn t over.

He listed names. My son was one of them. [He said] that he wanted to hurt them and by hurt, he meant kill, explained another mother, who also wanted to remain anonymous.

Parents whose kids were included in the list say they received a phone call from the school. According to parents, the boy is currently on suspension, and they haven t been told if he is coming back.

I don t want him to be back on campus with my kid or any other kid. He s a danger to himself and other student, added the mother whose son was on the list.

KHOU is waiting to hear back from the superintendent of the school.

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