HOUSTON A wristband called TapTap lets you tap your wristband, and your partner will feel it. Also, Microsoft releases a free program for 3D printing. This and more in today s Tech Talk...

== Google to pay $17 million ==
Web giant Google has agreed to pay $17 million over snooping allegations. It s said the company altered its code that delivers advertisements to ignore consumers privacy settings in the Safari web browser (made by Apple). Texas is among 37 states that will receive money as part of the settlement. Google is worth more than $200 billion, so this settlement is like the company flipping the states a small coin.

== Microsoft goes 3D ==
Microsoft is offering up a free app (program) for Windows 8.1 called 3D Builder. It lets users easily make models for 3D printers. The popularity of 3D printing is on the rise -- with people showing off their creations -- from pool cue sticks to handguns. Even if you don t have a 3D printer, you can still make the models.

== TapTap wristband ==
It may look like a workout tracker, but the upcoming wristband TapTap is actually a unique way to stay in touch with loved ones. For $130 you ll get two wristbands that connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can wear one, while a loved one wears the other. Anytime you want to tap your friend on the wrist, just tap the band, and the other band will vibrate. On the web:

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