HARRIS COUNTY, Texas Harris County Sheriff s deputies are searching for a suspect who fatally shot a pickup truck driver, causing him to crash into a utility pole late Monday.

The shooting happened around 10 p.m. as the pickup driver traveled on N. Main near Fig Orchard Road. Residents in the Highlands community said they heard three or four shots before the truck hit the pole and knocked out power to nearby homes.

Sounds like thunder and lightning when it hits at the same time; that kind of force and power, said Michelle Dolney, resident. Dolney was getting ready for bed when she heard the crash. Though accidents are common in the neighborhood, she said crime is not.

I don t think we ve had a lot of people shooting each other, you know, that kind of violence, not around in this area she said.

Nearby residents heard a vehicle speed from the scene, but nobody got a look at the shooter. Deputies said a motive for the shooting wasn t clear.

We really don t know what happened. It s still early in the investigation, and we re just now able to get the vehicle out of the ditch, said Sgt. Robert Spurgeon with the Harris County Sheriff s Office. We have reports of a second vehicle fleeing the scene after the gunshots, but that s all we have at this point.

The victim s identity was not released.

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