NEW CANEY, Texas -- Folks still pining for the Astrodome, or a Houston-area theme park, won t have to wait too long.

Construction on the Grand Texas Sports and Entertainment District will begin soon in New Caney.

The privately funded park will sit on more than 600 acres of land right off of highway 59 and 242.

Developer Monty Galland, lives in the Woodlands, and says it s long overdue.

For the size of the market, there really should be more attractions, and more things for the family to do together, said Galland.

The complex will have a history-themed amusement park, water park, ballpark, sports complex, and event center.

There will also be an RV park on the property, and several hotels have expressed interest in building in the area.

According to the builders, the park will create jobs both seasonal and full time.

At least 900 people will be needed for construction.

When Astroworld went away it was like oh man, now we've got something we can say oh great, said Doris Pickering.

Pickering lives across the street from the news development.

She says the park will bring much-needed economic growth, but admits it will also bring noise and pollution.

Her father, Robert, agrees.

The traffic is a definite issues, most people settled out here because you get as far away from Houston as you can and still drive to work, Robert Pickering said..

Robert also wondered how it will affect property values.

We ve got a lot of wildlife that comes through the area. Everything that develops out here, is going to push that wildlife further and further away.

Developers are hoping to have the water park open by April of 2015, followed by the theme park and other attractions that summer.

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