SEGUIN, Texas -- The historic Weinert House in Seguin near San Antonio is said to be haunted by the wife and sister-in-law of 1800s politician F.C. Weinert.

Before a ghost hunting team from Houston could even enter the house on a recent full moon night, their camera captured images of orbs, said to be floating balls of ghost energy.

This place knew we were coming, said John O'Dell of The Other Side Paranormal Investigations. You could feel the energy of this house.

In recent years, the place became a bed and breakfast, went into foreclosure and is now vacant.

Sharon Peters, a realtor just bought the Weinert House and was shocked to hear it is said to be haunted.

The ghost hunters recorded more than 60 sights and sounds. Among the clearest were a man saying, Help.

You can tell it's a male, said Yvonne Tallman of Pasadena Ghost Research Society.

She also explained that some ghosts are not intelligent but residual forms of energy.

The energy is there but it's like a movie playing over and over and over, she said.

The team also recorded the sounds of a woman screaming, a small child crying and a voice saying, I don't want to, when one of the investigators asked it to play the piano.

The most surprising data was video of what appeared to be two ghostly heads peeking out of a mirror that was in an upstairs hallway.

I think the top one is one of the sisters, O' Dell said. My thought when I first look at this is I see a high collar and a hair pulled back.

The realtor who owns the home was not thrilled to hear about the findings.

Uh, freaky, Peters said laughing. I kinda' like the idea of a stable ghost-free world.

For skeptics O'Dell issued a challenge.

People who say, 'They're crackpots and they don't know what they're doing.' I've got a few places they can go and spend the night and I promise you they will change their mind, he said.

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