HOUSTON A little boy found walking alone near train tracks in southwest Houston early Thursday was happily reunited with his family.

A man said he was heading to work around 4 a.m. when he spotted the boy, barefoot and alone, in a median near the tracks. Instead of passing the boy up like other drivers, he immediately picked the child up, called 911 and took him to the HPD station on Westplace Drive.

The boy, who police said appeared to be in good condition and good spirits was able to tell them his name and that he had a brother.

He seems clean, well taken care of, said HPD Officer Robert Clasen. We gave him some water and some cookies, and we re just waiting to see where, if we get a missing child call.

About two hours later, the parents called police after learning their son was missing and rushed to the station to pick him up. Police said had they not heard from the parents by 7 a.m., the little boy would have been turned over to C.P.S.

The parents said the dad was asleep and the mom was leaving out for work and, perhaps, the child might have been trying to follow her when he got lost.

CPS said they are investigating the matter, not necessarily to penalize the parents, but to possibly make the home more child proof.

As for the good Samaritan, he said it is possible that he was out there at that exact time for a reason.

Probably, because I left home earlier than usual. That was one thing. Otherwise, if I would ve left at the regular time that I would have he might not have been there, said Armando Ramirez. So I don t know. But I always believed that if you do a good deed, good things happen to you. I ve always believed that.

Ramirez, and everyone involved, are all happy things turned out the way they did.

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