HOUSTON -- The dog that bit a child in north Houston Tuesday night will not be euthanized after all.

The stray dog and her 10 pups have been quarantined at the City's animal shelter.

She is being checked for rabies after being removed from the Clayton Homes complex where she bit 11-year-old Eveline Nicimaye.

We are told the 5th grader wanted to see the newborns and pulled on the dog's tail.

She went to touch the baby dogs and she ran away and the dog ran after her, said Ninga Bire, the victim s brother.

People who live in Clayton Homes said the stray gave birth to her litter in some bushes near the complex s basketball court.

The dog before it get pregnant it was cool to everyone, but when it got puppies it started to be mean, said resident Young Oralis.

Nicimaye's family said the girl would not have heard the dog growl because she is deaf.

Many people at the complex said they had seen the dog for quite some time.

This appears to be a dog that was in a terrible situation and it wasn't her fault, said Bureau of Animal Regulation & Control spokesman Christopher Newport. Her demeanor is great. She cares a lot about her puppies.

It's estimated that there are as many as 800 thousand stray animals on the streets of Houston.

As many as one thousand are euthanized every month.

The dog and her litter will be put up for adoption.

People have already started calling BARC saying they'd like to give her and her litter a home.

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