HOUSTON KHOU 11 Sports Anchor Bob Allen on Saturday paid tribute to former Houston Oilers coach Bum Phillips, who died Friday night at the age 90.

Allen described the legendary Houston coach as a good friend, who he had the privilege and honor to know.

When I went to his home, I felt at home, Allen said. Often times with people you can see a dark side, but there really wasn t one with Bum.

Allen went on to say that is was sad to see Phillips slow down the past two years, but that the former coach was still sharp and his wit was quick.

If you were putting together a Mount Rushmore of Houston sports icon, Bum would be at the top flanked by Earl (Campbell), Nolan (Ryan) and Hakeem (Olajuwan), Allen said.

The sports anchor said he spoke with former Oilers quarterback Dan Pastorini Friday night, and he said that he visited Phillips recently. Pastorini said that his former coach knew what was going on, and he was at peace with dying.

He did it all...made people smile, was a good friend and mentor, husband, father, war hero, coach, Christian. He completed his work here on earth and did it better than many. He was Houston, and a bit of this city died with him last night, Allen said.

Phillips will be buried in a family only service on his ranch in Goliad and then there will be a memorial service for him here in Houston.

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