HOUSTON -- Neighbors in the Oak Forest area are cleaning up after suspects with baseball bats smashed out cars windows.

It happened Wednesday night off Antoine Drive and the damage was mostly on Viking Drive and Vendome Lane.

It's my granddaughters and she just barely got it, said Beatrice Rodriguez. It's a shame that young kids are doing this and they aint got nothing better to do than break into things

All of the vehicles targeted were parked on the street.

The suspects were caught on surveillance camera passing the Martinez house. You can actually see one of them hanging out the car window as they go by.

Another camera shows the reaction of Alfred Martinez as he hears the smashing just outside the fence.

He jumps out and peers over the fence by jumping on his outdoor couch.

It was scary, said Chris Martinez. He thought it was guns, a gunshot. Thank God it was just a bat and some kids.

From the video, it appeared the suspects are in a dark-colored sedan.

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