CROSBY, Texas -- A year after ten dogs and two cats were saved from a dumping site near Crosby, their rescuers say the pets are nowhere to be found.

Rhonda Heffernan, with the Animal Safety League of Northeast Harris County, said the animals were found in deplorable conditions.

The dogs and cats there were being run over, shot, used for target practice, Heffernan said.

The group spent $4,000 to rehabilitate the animals and pay for their veterinarian bills.

Heffernan said they were also excited about finding them a place to stay the Canyon Lake Animal Shelter Society, or CLASS, near San Antonio.

It claimed to be a no-kill shelter.

They told us they had a high intake fee because that would discourage people from bringing animals there, so they would have room for animals, Heffernan said.

The group also shelled out another $4,000, sending it to the shelter for expenses as the pets waited to be adopted.

But recently, when a volunteer went to check on them, there was no sign of the pets.

Authorities said two of the shelter s full-time employees suddenly left. The other two full-timers were fired.

The shelter is now under new management that is looking into the matter.

Those animals are nowhere to be seen, no records, no sign of them anywhere, said Leanne Nelson, the shelter s new vice president.

Heffernan has posted pictures of the pets on a website, hoping someone can account for them.

The first dog we took there, they told us it was adopted, Heffernan said. She was adopted by a local winery and was living this wonderful life. I called the winery after all of this happened. They had never heard of her.

But as she assumes the worst, she said her work is not done.

It s heartbreaking you know. You want to quit but you can't.

Heffernan says around 300 animals are killed every day in Harris County.

Her group is working to establish a local no-kill shelter.

She also encourages pet owners to spay and neuter their pets, and encourages people to adopt from local shelters.

The Comal County sheriff s department is investigating the case.

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