HOUSTON -- It's been a tough week for Texans quarterback Matt Schaub.

there was a Facebook page created calling for his firing that got 16,000 likes, fans have been tweeting pictures of them burning his jersey, and the NFL had to hire security to guard his home from the threat of angry Texans fans showing up on his door step.

I feel sorry for Matt Schaub, said Texans fan Melissa Paschal. I think it's wrong people have accosted him and abused him, he's trying to do his job.

As Sunday's game against St. Louis gets closer, many fans said it's time to put away the anger and get behind the Texans quarterback.

We support him all the way, said Lizzette Tienda. I know he hasn't had a great last couple of games, but we're Houston fans and we are going to support our quarterback.

But that support only goes so far.

I think we've got to give him a chance, said fan Jeff Brownawell. But if he throws a couple of more interceptions, I think we've got to do something else.

At the Texans Grill on a Friday night, most patrons are watching other sports on the big screen TVs, but their thoughts are on this Sunday's game against St. Louis.

It's time to come back, to prove we're a good team, said Maria Lopez. We're going to win.

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